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Are you the owner of a flat or apartment in Barcelona and de you want to rent it for short or large periods?

Have you a room or a flat that you want to rent for a long time? If you have an apartment or flat in the city center and you want to make it profitable in a different way, we can rent it for short periods (only a few days) or long terms. In the case of single rooms the rent would be per months.


Who are we?

Barcelona On Line is the online travel agency more important of Barcelona at client's level. Our site has 20.000 visits per day of all the world users.

Founded in 1996 the agency commercializes touristy apartments since 1998, what makes it the first enterprise that makes this activity by internet.

Besides we offer the guarantee of have an official travel agency license (GC 943) and as an enterprise which works with touristy apartments (EB 186) with the name of All Nice Apartments

The offer:

Actually 30 owners of more than 60 apartments trust on us. Those are rented in the next ways:
  • Apartments in buildings of autochthonous neighbors
  • Apartments in buildings all for renting touristy flats
  • Shared flats of different levels: medium, high and luxury class
It's essential to be situated in the center and being in a good state (Preferably reformed)

The market:

Actually more clients prefer have more privacy, live in Barcelona as if they were a citizen more or enjoy the excellent value for money of being in a flat. Is for that reason that renting a flat is a very profitable activity for short and long terms. Our clients are like that:
  • Tourist on Holidays (2, 3 days or weeks)
  • Tourist on business (2, 3 days or weeks)
  • Students, teachers, professionals (1 month or plus)
  • People that arrives at the city to install and need temporary accommodation till they find the definitive one (1 to 3 months)
Advantages for the owners:

If you decide to work with us you will have a lot of benefits:
  • Economical profitability
  • Moore flexibility in the availability of the apartment due to you are not forced to doing without it during the five years of contract that marks the law.
  • Security and punctuality on paying
  • Possibility of revising frequently the apartment to sustaining it in the best conditions.
Our services:

Of the most absolute management until the simple commercialization

In the two cases you will enjoy the next services: Commercial promotion and management of bookings and solution of incidences during the stay

If you prefer to disregard all the process, we offer you besides the possibility to receive to the hosts and we take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the apartment (optional).

Contact with us:

If you are interested in collaborate with us and obtain the maximum benefit of your apartment or flat, please fills in the following formulario. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

If you prefer you can send us a mail to or phone us to +34 93 343 79 92.

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