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You will find below our modest introduction to dishes and gastronomy In Catalonia. Do not hesitate to have a look at our meta-search engine to find accommodation in Barcelona, Madrid or Paris, for you or your friends and family, and discover plenty of services and activities... as well as a cruise starting in ending at or with a stopover in Barcelona

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The Catalonian gastronomy is characterized by its variety and influence of other cultures. Its origin goes back to the time of the Romans. Since then it has been obtaining recipes from the Italian, French, Greek, Provençal, Arabian and Jewish gastronomy. The result is a cuisine of great complexity with excellence.

The cuisine of Barcelona presents the characteristics of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, in other words, it abounds in vegetables, fish and meats, all cooked with olive oil of the best quality.

The city presents the advantage of being situated between the sea and the mountain, a location which provides the best fruits of both sides. Besides, we cannot forget the excellent wines and cava of the land.

Advantages of the Mediterranean diet

The balance and variety of the cuisine of Barcelona are synonyms of good health and reflects the people of Barcelona’s way of understanding life. The time dedicated to eating, so much alone as in company, is looked upon almost as “sacred” and is one of the main leisure activities in the Catalonian society. An example of this is the great offer of restaurants that you will find in this count city, always to be brimming with during the eating hours.

As a difference to in the majority of the European countries, in Spain the hour of the lunch is around 2pm, while the dinner is enjoyed around 10pm.

International projection

The cuisine of Barcelona currently enjoys of the best creative cooks of the world. During the last months the best Catalonian cooks received compliments from the international press.

In this sense, Ferràn Adrià, for example, has appeared on the front page of the supplements of the newspaper The New York Times and Le Monde, and has been elected by the magazine Time as one of the a hundred most influential people of the world

The names of Santi Santamaría, Fermí Puig, Carles Gaig, Carme Ruscalleda and Sergi Arola enjoy likewise of a great media projection and of an extensive professional acceptance. This success takes root from the mixture between the "traditional knowledge" and the predisposition to the avant-gardism.


The diversity of dishes that you can taste in Barcelona is infinite. Nevertheless, we recommend you the following:


Faves a la Catalana: typical vegetables of Catalonia cooking in a pot with various types of meats, like ham, black sausage and cansalada, vegetables and "bolets"(a kind of mushrooms). It is cooked and served preferably in pot of clay.


A Variant of the onion that is cooked to the ember and is flavoured with a sauce elaborated with tomato, pepper, mint and hazelnuts, among other ingredients. Ideal to accompany meals with friends or family.

Simple dish based on eggplant and red pepper, flavoured with salt, olive oil and vinegar. Before preceding the preparation of the dish it is necessary to roast all the ingredients to strengthen its flavours.
Meats and Fish
Butifarra con mongetes (A kind of sausage with beans):
Simple dish made with the typical Catalonian sausage (butifarra de pages), string beans, garlic and parsley.

Esqueixada de Bacallà (salad of codfish): Exquisite elaborated salad with codfish, tomato, onion, olives, pepper and hard egg.
Mar i Muntanya (Sea and Mountain):
The meat and the fish are presented in the same plate. It can be made with different varieties of both foods.
Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) with a selection of sausages:
Slice of bread of coarse bread rubbed hard with the pulp of the tomato and dressed with oils salt and pepper. One accompany with sausages.
Fillets of veal cooked with plums, pinions, tomatoes, onion and “rovellons” (a kind of mushroom).
Escudella y Carn d´olla:
A stew cooked with different meats of pig and chicken, chickpeas, vegetables, potatoes and spices. The “escudella” is prepared with the juice of the broth.
All i oli:
Compound dressing of olive oil and garlic. It is served as a side dish with meat and fish.
Combination of tomatoes, onions, dried chillies, almonds and toasted hazelnuts.
Medium cooked sauce elaborated with tomato, pepper and eggplant.
Sauce based on onion, garlic, tomato and parsley.

Crema Catalana: Dessert elaborated with egg, milk, burned sugar, grated rind of lemon and corn flour.
Mel i mató:
Smooth paste cooked with milk, curdle and water, and covered by a layer of honey.

Coca de Sant Joan:

Typical sweets of the summer that can be found in various forms and tastes.

Small cakes elaborated with ground almond, sugar, potato, lemon, pinions, coco and cacao.

Cava Catalán (white vine with bubbles)
Ampurdàn-Costa Brava

    Terra Alta
Pla de Bages
  Costers del Segre

Conca de Barberà

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